A couple of weeks ago I was asked to take pictures at a mass before a fundraiser for 8 month old baby boy, Noah. I knew his mommy Rachel from my high school days so I immediately agreed & wondered what was wrong. When I first meet Noah I knew he was a very special little boy who would touch the lives of many people  in the community, including mine.

Noah was born with a rare condition called Arthrogryposis, Severe Spinal Kyphosis & Quadriplegia. For now he can only lay on his side & can only move his head & neck. After the mass, Rachel was interviewed by Latonya with WDSU. As I took pictures, I heard Rachel say… “he’s so normal, it’s just that he’s trapped in this little body that needs some fixing.”

After the mass I thought of a ways I could help & then it hit me…  I could use my own talent to raise money for him so he can get his little body fixed up 🙂 It was the PERFECT time of year to do Valentine’s day sessions! The name “kisses for Noah” immediately popped up in my head! I asked Rachel if I could please visit & snap a few pictures of Noah for the flyer.


While we took Noah’s pictures he was all smiles. He really is such a happy little boy. When I left I said “bye baby Noah” & that little smile he gave me I will NEVER forget!!

So let’s help this little angel get the help he needs! Book your appointment by calling (504)2204196 or emailing me at fab.fotography@hotmail.com.

Here are some sample pictures, enjoy! 🙂

vday1 vday2 vday3 vday4 vday5 vday6